The SocialMet Feedback Book

So why the Feedback Book?

The Feedback Book is a link directory of all the feedback being received from students and Staff at London Metropolitan University. Most items link to individual Facebook discussions, and you don't need to be logged in to Facebook to see them. All links are categorised, and you can also search the site.

The category called 'Feedback Posters' contains a link to a photograph of each poster from the Hallway Methodology campaign, more simply known as the SocialMet Feedback Posters. We will try to list out the content of each poster as we go along.

Initially SocialMet has been set up to obtain feedback for the development of the Student Charter at London Met. Perhaps over time it may come to be used more widely and help to provide an open channel for dialogue between all staff and students at the university.

Pen Lister, 1st November 2011