The SocialMet Feedback Book

Terms of Use

The terms of using the site are:

  • All SocialMet respondents privacy must be considered at all times, and permission should be sought for any use of specific comments, and should be attributed to any individual concerned, as well as to SocialMet.
  • Reproduction of any item or items of content that form a part of the SocialMet campaigns or social network channels remain the sole property of SocialMet
  • Usual copyright protection exists on all content held within the SocialMet social network channels and websites
  • Original concepts, artworks, logos or any other identifyable branding of SocialMet remains the sole property of SocialMet
  • By using the resources of SocialMet, the user agrees to abide by all of the above

Pen Lister, SocialMet, London Metropolitan University, 1st November 2011